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It is with great pride to introduce our company. GULF STARS EQUIPMENT & MACHINERY RENTAL CO.LLC based here in Dubai, U A E established since 2006 our company specializes in mobile crane rental business. Our cranes are range from 50 tons up to 500 tons. With our wide range of activities we have highly companies in the local region. Our company ensure that all its cranes in excellent condition and able to perform with utmost safety. GULF STARS as a whole is managed by qualified and experienced personnel. For the past years, the company has earned a respectable position among the leading companies in U A E.

Gulf Stars Rental is leaning toward positive control and minimization of risks. Our success, and yours, will not only depend on buildings and dealings, but also on how safely each job is performed. Giving our customers unique solutions for their intricate problems is one of our innovations in this field of business to retain our beloved customer.

Our experienced employees are along with the best in the industry and our specialized equipment is consummate, both determined and designed to carry out even the toughest task. We guaranteed our customers that all our heavy equipments have passed in the security and safety consultants’ law. Complete training and inspection to our cranes and also to our operators and rigger banks with certificate. Gulf Stars as a whole is managed by qualified and experienced personnel.

By ensuring that our cranes will arrive on time in site is one thing that will make our pledge to our customers to be more productive, efficient and profitable. This is how we handle our business we give our full service because it is not only about our company but it is also about us together with our customers. Improvement starts from within so let’s give what both parties what they deserve to have. Efficiency of the company will give higher profits; it means you enhance your strength to progress.


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