1)  The following terms and conditions shall apply to hiring of cranes and other equipment by Gulf stars to customers.

2)  The price for our crane will be based on a minimum 10 hours working day. if weekly 60 hours for 6 days and monthly 260 hours for 26 days excluding Fridays and holiday , if the crane is required to work for more than the specified rental hours , we will charge you overtime on pro rate . In the case of that crane work less than 10 hours in a day, we will charge you the minimum daily 10 hrs work.

3)   Rental begins from the time our crane arrives on the site and ceases at the site.

4)   Cranes will be supplied with a licensed operator and valid load test certificates.

5)   All security passes for the cranes, equipments and crew to enter the site will be arranged by customer.

6)  Any necessary police, R T A and municipality permits will be obtained by customer.

7)   Decent food/accommodation for our crew & to/fro transportation to the site, if required, to be provided by your side.

8)   Crane inspection by customer’s client’s Health & Safety Officer will be arranged by customer prior to hiring of crane.

9)   Customer will ensure the ground at the operation site is firm, and free from any impediments for safe, smooth and efficient movement of the crane.

10) Customer shall be liable for hire charges during the hire period even if crane / equipment is idle due to inclement weather, or normal repairs including refueling, changing of tires or any factor beyond Gulf stars control. Customer shall not be liable for hire charges if the crane / equipment is idle due to breakdown caused by defect of due to unavailability of Owner’s operator.

11) While on site owners operator will be under the sole control of the customer who will supervise and give clear directions for all work to be performed by owner’s operator on site and customer will be responsible for all acts or omissions of owner’s operator which occur while such directions are being carried out. Customer will not request cranes to perform any lifts beyond the cranes rated capacity.

12) Gulf stars insurance only covers damage or loss to Gulf stars equipment and death or injury to gulf stars personnel.

13)  Customer will be liable for and arrange the following insurance cover at its cost for the duration for the hire period.

13-1)  all risks insurance to cover public liability, loss or damage to the equipment or materials being lifted and the property of customer, its principals, agents, subcontractors, employees and third parties due to the operations of Gulf stars crane/s and / or equipment/s and/ or equipment and / or personnel howsoever arising.

13-2)  full workmen compensation and employer’s liability insurance to cover its own employees and those of its principals’ agents’ subcontractors and third parties as required by all applicable laws.

14)  Gulf stars will not be liable or responsible for any direct or consequential loss or damage suffered by customer or any other person or any property (including equipment and materials the subject of the lift) arising from breakdowns, accidents, acts or omissions of Gulf stars operator or any other cause whatsoever Customer hereby indemnifies Gulf Stars in respect of any such liabilities and the liabilities of customer under clause 12 above

15) Unless agreed otherwise in writing, hire charges payable by customer are based on the hours or days reflected on the time sheet/s. Signature of any time sheet/s by or on behalf of the Customer constitutes acceptance by the customer of the correctness of the contents of the time sheet/s.

16)   Gulf stars offer is valid for 30 days and is subject to site survey by Gulf Stars and availability of cranes / equipments.

17) Gulf stars will only hire cranes and equipment for which it has received specific order. Prior to the acceptance of the job, Gulf Stars requires L P O from your company.

18) Terms of Payment             :           90 Days – LPO in advance.


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